Naruto manga 399 [spoiler]

Posted on: mayo 8, 2008

:-O valla quien lo pensaría…. el manga anterior junto con este y creo que varios mas, van a ser para contar la historia de los Uchiha, de Madara e Itachi, en este numero de Naruto (que recién sale mañana), Madara cuenta cosas realmente interesantes, como el hecho que el realmente no le quito los ojos a  su hermano sino que este se los dio voluntariamente, adema de el hecho que el siempre se opuso al primer hokage pero su clan nunca lo apoyo por lo cual se volvió un proscrito y como poco a poco los Uchiha se volvieron subordinados del clan Senju, ademas después del ataque del zorro de nueve colas, los viejos de la aldea culparon a los Uchiha por lo cual poco mas y eran unos apestados, ante tanta cojudes los Uchiha planeaban una golpe de estado para hacerse cargo de la aldea, pero no contaban que Konoha tuviese un espía dentro de los Uchiha ………….. si, ese era Itachi, el los detuvo a los Uchiha es decir los mato a todos.

Después de saber eso como que a mi Itachi no me parece nada malo, incluso ni Madara, mas  bien los de Konoha me empiezan a parecer unos cabronasos…

Aqui la traducción de las viñetas del manga, traducidas al Ingles : via [Naruto-xx]

Hashirama used the name of Hokage before the village hidden in the mist begin.

Senju clan whose leader was Hashirama was respected and was afraid by every Shinobi.

When Senju moves, Uchiha moves.

Only Uchiha could deal with Senju.

If a country employed Senju, the opponent employed uchiha…
My name (Madara) became famous, while I opposed with Hashirama.

Sasuke: Did you deprived your brother’s eyes to make your fame?

Madara: It wasn’t for fame. My brother offered them by his choice.

Madara gripped his left fist by his right hand.

Madara: But Senju offered armistice.

Uchiha agreed with this.

More from him:

But I only opposed this armistice.

Sasuke: What was this hatered we had till now?
Why my brother sacrificed himself?

「いずれうちはは千手に駆逐されてしまうと思えてならなかったが皆は休戦を望んでいたのでオレ はリーダーと して仕方なく意思を汲み取った」
Madara: I thought Senju would wipe us out in future, but everyone wanted armistice, so I agreed with armistice according to clan’s will as a leader. I had no choice.

Madara and Senju shake hands.

Then we reached an accord with the country of fire.

The county of fire and the village hidden in the leaves.

Every country emulated this one contry and one village system.

The conflicts disappeared by this system.

Temporay peace has come.

But the village hidden in the leaves get into trouble by an incident.

Sasuke: ?

Madara: The position of the first Hokage.

The country of fire and people in the village chose Hashirama.

うちはの主権が遠ざかるからオレは柱間と対峙する道を選んだがうちはの者でさえオレについて来 るものはいな かった
I afraid that Uchiha would be get away from dominion, so I decided to oppose Hashirama, but even a member of Uchiha didn’t follow me.

I was criticized and said I am a greedy elder brother who robbed eyes from his younger brother.

どこに好き好んで弟を傷つける兄がい る?
There is no elder brother who is willing to heart his younger brother.

I’ve just wanted to protect Uchiha! I’ve left the village.

I became an avenger and challenged village.

I was defeated…I died there…They thought so.

柱間でさえ そう思ったはずだ」
Even Hashirama should have believed it.

「柱間の弟であり二代目は反逆者を出さない為に信頼の証としてうちはに警務部隊の役職を 与えた
The second Hokage who is younger brother of Hashirama assigned Uchiha to police force to show how much he believe Uchiha clan.

But actually, that was to observe Uchiha.

Some members of Uchiha have noticed this and tried to execute my will.

But it was too late…Uchiha has already become a dog (subordinate) of Senju.

And Uchiha has totally wiped out by an incident.

The attack by Nine-tail fox in 16 years before.

Danzo and two old advisers deduced that Uchiha did it.

Nine-Tail fox was a natural disaster and Uchiha wasn’t included it, but they said we planed rebellion and so on.

After that, ANBU kept watching Uchiha and Uchiha was isolated from the village.

The third Hokage opposed this, but no one agreed with him.

And Uchiha clan planed coup d’etat to take over the village.

それを阻止したのが お前の兄うちはイタチだ
The man who stopped this was Itachi, your elder brother.

His hell started from that time.


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[…] y durante esa semana Shonen Jump no publico ni Naruto ni Bleach, en fin, las traducciones de mi anterior post no eran falsas, así que ahora es solo ver lo buenos dibujos del tio Masashi Kishimoto, aunque no […]

Itachi avia sido contratado por Madara
q es la q fundo el clan conbuenas intenciones, ell al cavo de unos dias desaparecio
Itachio mato a los del clan i en un capitulo de naruto le cuenta todo
itachi no s tan malo como parce.


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